Welcome to The Redlands Sporting Club Pipeband, we are arguably Australia’s best looking (from a distance) Pipeband.

We are a small social band of pipers and drummers that enjoy playing and socialising. We regularly perform at The Redlands Sporting Club and other local community events and marches.

We are available for hire for a wide variety of performances from solo piper to complete band.

We 2 practice nights a week, Tuesday 7pm is learners night and Thursday 7pm is full band night. We practice at the Redlands Bocce Club at Anson Rd, Wellington Point

If you are interested in learning to play the bagpipes or drums, or are an experienced player looking for a band we’d love to have you along. Our lessons are free with the view that you progress into playing as part of the band. For more information contact Al Campbell on 0434 600 162, email enquiries@rscpipeband.org.au or through our Facebook page